Is Assisted Living Like A Nursing Home?

Monday, 12. August 2013 von admin

Assisted living actually describes a wide range of different housing options for seniors and people with disabilities. A nursing home can be one type of assisted living. There is no single official definition stating what is and is not part of an assisted living facility. The most basic way to think of assisted living is as a housing option that includes some amenities and services to make everyday tasks easier.

Some assisted living locations simply rent apartments to individuals who (more…)

What To Look For In Assisted Living

Monday, 24. June 2013 von admin

Transitioning to an assisted living facility for the first time can be a difficult shift. There are many emotional, psychological, medical and relational factors that go into the decision. It’s certainly a huge life change. To make the transition as smooth as possible, there are certain things that you should look for.

The main thing to look for is the quality of the staff. Make sure they are all properly trained and certified. Also, find out what the background and experience is of the director and other managers of the facility.

You should also look (more…)

Care Available At Assisted Living Facilities

Monday, 06. May 2013 von admin

Putting your elderly parent into an assisted living facility might be one of the most difficult decisions you make in your life. The truth is that you want your loved one to be comfortable and to get the best care, but so many nursing homes have bad reputations that make it scary to know that your mother or father will be living there. One thing you need to do before putting your parent into an assisted living (more…)

Do My Parents Need Assisted Living?

Tuesday, 19. March 2013 von admin

If your elderly parents are having difficulty living on their own, you may be wondering if it is time to investigate assisted living as a possibility for their situation. This is a tough decision for most people to make because of the stereotype that exists of elderly people dying alone after being abandoned in substandard nursing homes, and children of elderly parents frequently experience significant guilt at even the thought of mentioning assisted living to their parents. However, many of today’s assisted living facilities are far different from the dingy and (more…)

Choosing A Good Assisted Living Facility

Sunday, 17. March 2013 von admin

There are several steps to choosing a great assisted living facility. Since assisted living facilities differ greatly, choosing the right facility can take some detective work. On the flipside, since facilities differ greatly, the chance of finding that perfect facility is much better.

It’s important to remember that a facility’s amenities are much less important than staff and residents. A lot of information can be gleaned from observing a facility’s residents and staff. The best facility is one (more…)

Are There Different Types Of Assisted Living Facilities?

Saturday, 16. March 2013 von admin

Before making the transition to an assisted living facility, many elderly individuals wonder what types of facilities exist. The various housing options for senior citizens can be split into three main types. There are nursing homes, assisted living and independent living.

The assisted living facilities are more for people who have no severe medical problems. Assisted living facilities can work well for people who don’t have severe medical complications but need help with personal needs (more…)

How To Talk To Mom About Assisted Living

Tuesday, 12. March 2013 von admin

Talking to your mom about leaving her home and moving into an assisted living facility can be one of the most difficult conversations you will ever have. It helps to be prepared before confronting your mom with the prospect. Visit a few facilities so you can share your research in a non-confrontational manner. It is important that you do not imply that she is unable to take care of herself but present the option as a way for her to enjoy her final years in an environment that is secure and can provide help to her when she needs (more…)

Can I Take My Pet To Assisted Living?

Monday, 11. March 2013 von admin

It’s very common for elderly individuals to have one or more pets. In some cases, the pet could be a dog or cat. Some people have a bird or another small animal. Unfortunately, there will likely come a time when an assisted living home is best for a person.

It’s very common for elderly individuals to assume that their pets will need to find new homes as well. This is not always the case. More and more assisted living facilities are allowing new residents to bring pets. Assisted living (more…)





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